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bioemsan package "Sunny prospects"

The bioemsan gift package "Sunny prospects" consists of bioemsan sun moisturising oil seabuckthorn-olive and bioemsan lip balm. The perfect gift in a special packaging.

Manju package "Bundle of energy"

The Manju gift package "bundle of energy" consists of a Manju 195 ml, 3 pieces Manju "Matcha Mini" Zotter Chocolate and 1 Manju spray bottle 50ml. The perfect gift in a special packaging.

Multikraft package "Out in the green"

The Multikraft package “Out in the Green" consists of 5 L EM-Active, 0.5 L Terrafert Soil, 0.5 L Terrafert Foliar and 0.5 L MK 5 and a brochure “Pflanzenwelt”. The ideal season-package for your garden.

black earth

Highclass soil free of peat, containing char, horn shavings, EM and horse manure.