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bioemsan sun moisturising oil seabuckethorn-olive

Thoroughly cared for – a natural sun protection for the entire body and face

Effective Microorganisms Active (EM-Active)

EM-Active (EMa) is the finished product and is made from EM-Concentrate and sugar cane molasses. EM-Active (EMa) contains lactic acid bacteria, wheat and photosynthesis bacteria.

multikosmos magazine 00020

Only available in German.

Multikraft package "Small space garden"

The Multikraft Package "Small Space Garden" consists of 1 L EM-Active, 100 ml Terrafert Soil, 100 ml Terrafert Foliar, 100 ml MK 5 and a brochure “Pflanzenwelt”. The ideal season-package for your houseplants, balcony or terrace.