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MK 5

MK 5 not only fights pests, but gathers them first: It strengthens and helps the natural resistance against parasites and fungal attack. MK 5 consists of EM-Concentrate, sugar cane molasses, fermentation vinegar, garlic, chilli, alcohol and water.

multikosmos magazine 00020

Only available in German.

Multikraft package "Out in the green"

The Multikraft package “Out in the Green" consists of 5 L EM-Active, 0.5 L Terrafert Soil, 0.5 L Terrafert Foliar and 0.5 L MK 5 and a brochure “Pflanzenwelt”. The ideal season-package for your garden.

Terrafert foliar (with folic acid)

Terrafert foliar is a plant auxiliary with Effective Microorganisms and folic acid which prevents the plant from fungal diseases and nutritional deficiencies and promotes the plant's growth.